Everyday Cookies

Whether they are for a party, a gift, or just to treat yourself, cookies are the classic go to for any occasion! We offer a wide selection of everyday cookies in-store for you to choose from, and we are sure you will find something you enjoy. Sold by the dozen, these cookies are perfect for a group, or to satisfy your cravings.

Birds Nest Cookie

Hazelnut Cookie

Black and White Cookie

Mexican Chocolate Shortbread Cookie

Citrus Cookie

Oatmeal Chip Cookie

Peanut Butter Cookie

Florentine Cookie

Gingersnap Cookie

Custom Cookies

If you would like cookies decorated for a special occasion, we can do that as well! These are butter cookies decorated wonderfully with royal icing, and they will definitely be the talk of the party! Contact us, or visit us in store to order custom cookies today.

Pricing depends on the complexity of decorating. As custom cookies take significant amount of time, make sure you order custom cookies well in advance.

For simply decorated cookies the basic prices are as follows:

$1.25 – We can also package the cookies in attractive bags with ribbon for your event. We do not charge extra for that but for all cookies packaged at 5 or fewer per bag we must charge GST on the packaged cookies.